Increased accountability and Transparency in CDF Management Project Kicks Off

Common Cause Zambia in Partnership with Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP), are conducting a Joint workshop formulating  and Developing Manuals and IEC materials for the “Enhancing Citizen Participation in Resource Tracking at Community level in Zambia Project”. The project which is being undertaken by three organisations PANOS, Foundation for Democratic Process and Common Cause is supported by HIVOS

Common Cause Zambia and Foundation for Democratic Process will be focused on Increasing accountability and transparency in CDF Management. The project is aimed at creating an opportunity and platform that allows for citizen participation in planning and policy making.

In Zambia, lack of accountability in the management of public resources across sectors has been cited for poor service delivery to citizens and underdevelopment. Of particular concern is poor accountability of public resources in the Agricultural sector and the Constituency
Development Fund (CDF) due to limited citizen demand for prudent management of these resources.

A total of 12 districts have been targeted for the project and once the tools and materials are developed the two organisations will conduct capacity building activities, advocacy sessions and media engagement activities all aimed at ensuring that there is a strong link between governors and citizens and promotes effective and transparent use of public resources.

The work of Common Cause Zambia generously supported by HIVOS.

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