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Common Cause Zambia is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization whose core mandate is to contribute to good governance in Zambia through sustained community engagements and participation in governance practices and systems. The organization is registered under section 10 of the Patent and Company Registration Act of the Laws of Zambia, with the objective of the empowering citizens to participate and contribute to governance and development through initiatives that enhance their capacities to claim their rights and foster accountability for improved service delivery and poverty reduction.Common Cause Zambia was established by dedicated Zambian Civil Activists with experience in the dynamics of democratic governance in Zambia and realizing the significance of institutionalized citizen participation from communities and its impact on formal structures of development and governance in the advancement of Human Rights and sustainable development.

Our Vision A Zambia where communities are able to hold elected official accountable and demand their right to quality service delivery and participation.

Our Mission Common Cause Zambia strives for sustainability in the promotion of inclusive and participatory governance and development practices and policies centred on citizens and their communities in Zambia.


Susan Mwape - Executive Director Mutale Kapekele - Programs Officer Daniel Silavwe - Accountant
Susan Mwape-Executive Director Mutale Kapekele – Programs Officer Daniel Silavwe – Accountant

Florence Mwape - Administra

Florence Mwape – Administrative Officer

Derby Camara

Derby Camara-Staff

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